Existing In Truth

There are times in our lives we have to learn to shut out the noise and determine for ourselves, truth. Each of us walks a path specifically for our own learning and growth.  It may be side by side to others, but we cannot depend on another's learning to advance us.  We must do the work, learn and apply to our daily lives that which is revealed to us through this life and its experiences.

When we begin to allow another to have control over our existence we cease to be universally free. It is wise to glean wisdom from others, using it for deeper understanding, but to allow another to hold the reigns of life, is foolish.  We learn from each other, but we do not hold the right of life over each other.  It is prideful to believe a soul has such a place over another.  Who are we but mere mortals in this physical plane, spiritual beings bound inside a physical body?  We are spiritually eternal but physically mortal.  For a soul to believe they have absolute authority over another spirit is a dangerous pride and flauntingly arrogant ego.

We may guide each other in love and peace, establishing trust and friendship.  Through these healthy relationships, our spheres of influence merge and glide together in harmony of life.   Learning, giving and receiving of truth and wisdom is critical for all of us.  But, we cannot fall into the trap of ego to believe we have unspoken rights to enact rules and bondage on another.  It is when we use our knowledge and spiritual enlightenment as a form of control over others, where we lose our way.  We are blinded by the ego's lies of being concerned for them or believing we are the only one to hold the key to their freedom, and doing what is in their best interest.

When we pray for others, are we praying in truth?  Or, are we praying our own agenda and what we want into their lives?  How do we know what the divine path holds for them?  Who are we to pray our own desires into the life of another?  A prayer such as this is the ego's prideful prayer, belief that we know what another's life should be.  How arrogant of us.  In doing such as this, we have stepped into judgment without even realizing it.  We have judged their life and found it wanting according to our own standards.  Standards which fall outside the lines of love and grace.

Our prayers, actions and words in another's life must be filled with love, grace, and understanding. Stepping back and being the observer as they walk the path set before them, even a broken path if they so choose.  We do not have to set ourselves up to be used or abused, however, but we can be the light on a dark path.  We need to be a light when we can because sometimes we are the only one who can see the path.  Give guidance without expectation, advice without guilt and love without conditions.   Freedom can only come through us when we release our expectations for others to follow or become like us.  Everyone has free will.  The freedom to choose whatever they please.  It is pride to take that free will captive.

In loving another in truth, we allow them to be as they are, with no expectation of change.  When we flow in this, if there is to be growth it will take place through their own revelation.  This type of growth is a lasting and permanent expansion of the soul, a betterment of existence.  When change happens this way, we all learn something valuable.  It is when change comes from fear, shame, hate anger or anything negative, that growth is stunted.  The change then is distorted, warped and ill.  It does not feed, but starves, maims and has the potential to kill.  Positive growth and change come from revelation via the freedom of individuality.

We must give life, feeding it clearly, purely and untainted into others.   How we touch others and the fruit we bear tells of our spiritual condition.  If we are binding others, then we are surely bound ourselves.  If we are controlling others, then we too are under control.  We must set free because we too are free. Whether we agree or disagree with any other soul on this great planet, must be neither here nor there to the connection of the whole.   We are all different, on our own paths and we must allow for this difference.   Causing death whether mental, emotional, spiritual or physical is a dark path of reaping no one wants to be on.  Remember, all things done will come back in some form. There are consequences to every word spoken or action we take.

Hope comes by love and kindness, and we must all begin somewhere to live this life with more of both.


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