Faerie Light

The Faeries in my garden danced and played
The great trees and flowers were their stage
Twinkling lights through the fog and trees
Their ethereal beauty my eyes wished to see
I watch from my window, alone in the dark
They beckon for me to follow, to go on a lark
Creeping from my room slowly, softly I step
Across the hall, down the creaky wooden stairs
Around the dark corner where the broom is kept
Out the back door, pausing I glance left and right
Making sure my parents had snuffed out their light
Darting across the back lawn, I cast off my cares
I reached the garden, pausing, and gasping for air
A smile on my face, laughter bubbled deep inside
I did a jig, happiness and joy I could not hide
Into the garden, winding through the great trees
The heavy scent of the flowers surrounded me
The Faeries played in my hair, kissing my face
I followed, wandering outside of time and space
We played for hours, laying to rest in the soft grass
Closing my eyes, hearing my heart beat so very fast
The sun soon to rise, happy here I wanted to stay
Softly I began to sing, as the night turned into day
I did not hear the sorrow filled prayers cried from my room
My mother and father held my body, so young, too soon
The fever, relentless upon me had finally took its toll
In the night, under the moon the Faeries came for my soul
They knew it was time, for they had been my friends
Keeping me company and giving me comfort till the end
Taking my hand, their love surrounding me so bright
No pain or sorrow, finally free I walk into the light

Midsummer Eve | Edward Robert Hughes | 1908


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