Every moment we walk is our own.  We filter these moments through our own experiences, knowledge, and understanding, and ultimately what is our own truth.  In the interaction with others, we find ourselves attempting to do several different things.  We try to adjust, change, destroy or absorb their filters.  If we are successful in any of these attempts, we see it as a validation of ourselves and who we are.   However, peace with ourselves comes when we can walk in these interactions, observe the other, acknowledge their filters and let them be without the internal need to make them like us. We neither agree nor disagree, we simply observe and acknowledge.

In doing this, the ego's push for a fight to justify our own filters is rendered baseless.  Understand, these filters span all four pillars of our life - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  We must realize we all have a right to be as we are, whether right or wrong, up or down, diagonal, sideways, spinning, tripping, reclining, balled into the fetal position or just simply sitting in stillness. Being affirmed is our internal permission to be as we are, and learning to silence the ego's driven need to justify our own state to others, in some situations attempting to prove another is wrong for theirs as well.

It does not matter whether we are accepted, validated or acknowledged by anyone outside of ourselves.  When we are affirmed within, everything falls into place.  When we love ourselves as we are, accepting even the faults and screw ups, we move into a state of inner peace which the Spirit can then teach.  When we are in an internal struggle between ego and spirit, we cease to move forward in learning and understanding.  During times such as this, we seek answers from the outside and can fall into a trap of allowing others opinions, dogmatic thinking, toxic environments and their own internal struggles to influence us, whether positive or negative. The point is, in these moments we take on the outside and internalize it as our own affecting the inner self. The effects of which feed our own internal struggle and move us further away from truly knowing ourselves.  It is when we know, love and are affirmed within we can glean outside knowledge and apply it in a healthy manner. We, at this point, are not attempting to fill a place of lack in ourselves. Instead, we are using the knowledge to advance us to the next stage of our internal evolution.

I will use my own experiences to give an example. My early life was fraught with insecurity and fear, this due to circumstances in my childhood which laid the foundation for a life of walking in the dark. Because I was not secure and affirmed within myself, I looked to anyone and everyone around me for answers.  Sometimes the answers were wise, and sometimes my vulnerability was perfect soil for others to plant even more darkness. Because I was not connected to my inner light and the Spirit, I honestly could not tell the difference between what was good for me and what was destructive.  All I knew was that I was afraid, scared and needed to know why I existed.  In a moment of last desperation I cried out for truth, literally envisioning myself in a bubble with all of the voices standing outside of it screaming their interpretations, their research, telling me to go this way and that way. It was maddening. While I looked to the outside from within the bubble, I began to hear the silence around me. The people who had influenced me, spoken curses over me, advised me and even the ones who said they loved me, began to be muffled as I focused all my energy on the silence.  It was absolute bliss when I sat down inside that bubble, staring at everyone outside of it, and not being able to hear them.  In that blissful moment, I heard myself for the very first time.  After this, I began to create a healthy filter for the external noise.  I only allow in what resonates with my spirit, taking in the new information, not as absolute truth, but instead knowledge to consider.  If I find it is good and positive for me, I absorb it, then apply it to my path in life.

We do not all have to be the same, alike in thought or deed, and relinquishing the expectation that we should, leads to a more peaceful inner place.  There will no longer be the struggle to justify everything about ourselves or conform to standards which are against our inner self.  Freedom comes when we allow ourselves to be, as well as letting go of others so they too can be as they are.   Now, this Earth is a big planet and we all have to share it.  Will we be positive in this sharing, or negative? Let our moments be filled with inner silence, peace and affirmation.  Let them allow the Spirit guide us to a higher plane of being, thinking and coexisting with others.  Walk away from negative people and determine not be negative in someone else's life.  Love, be kind and harm no one.  Be honorable, trustworthy and a positive force in this temporary world in which we live. Change always starts somewhere, and most of the time it starts from within first.

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