Home to Me

Space in between, place unseen, a heart's keep
Creag on the mountain, firm beneath my feet
Arms to the sky, winds burst upon my face 
Attempting to carry me far from this place
Eyes full of tears, upon a vast ocean I gaze
Praying for love to break through the haze
Hope abides, alone I am, if alone I must be
Prayer for the winds to carry you here to me
All of life's beauty, love, joy, struggle, pain
In all things an emptiness I still cannot name
Watching waves roll in to crash upon the shore
Their journey against the rocks they exclaim
The birds of the air flying high do the same
Upon the horizon cast the sun's setting bloom 
Tendrils of colors paint the dusky sky too soon
Each day ends too quickly for my heart to grasp
I ache in my soul, my heart to hold you at last
I turn from the edge, empty arms and heavy heart
Back to our home, walking the path to the start
In the still of my room I will watch in the night
Until I see you, my window a candle will light
Let it guide you home, I will hold to you true 
If again the sun rises, a hope to guide us through


Waiting | Source


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