Light vs Dark

Casting anger upon the wind
My raging screams and cries
Shaking a raised fist to the sky
I will not falter or be tamed
Beaten down, mocked, shamed
I am free, a spirit of the light
Casting a glimmer in the night
Demons rise and begin to howl
Charging with angered growls
Twisting, turning I glide about
They are shadow, I am light
Determined to win this fight
Hope within love gives birth
Causing demons to be undone
Their hatred burns like the sun
Claws raking against the earth
Giving light, hope to the lost
My destiny, whatever the cost
Death drips from their mouth
Circling, watching and waiting
Scratching at the edges, baiting
I will not give in, believe the lie
The heart within me will not die
Down the path and into the night
They stalk to the left, to the right
Casting the light further ahead
Following a path where I am led
Like sharp arrows the curses fly
I will not turn nor heed the cry
In the distance, from all sides
Lights shine, they cannot hide
Part of the dark I will not be
Loving souls are here with me
In the darkness I am not alone
We are lighting the path home
Fighting past the dark and hate
This is our call, it is our fate


Light Vs Dark | Frozenapocalypse | Source


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