Heavenly moon in the sky
Whispering through the night
Hope, guided by soothing light
Path before, now lies behind
No longer clouded, or blind
  Time spins, no standing still
Heart mended and healed
In the night, as in the day
Love within guides the way
Timeless, unhindered, free
Hope is more than what I see
Allowing guidance to flow
One step slowly to you I know
Journey by night and the day
The imprint on my soul stays
In this lifetime hearts to meet
Heavenly dreams so bittersweet 
Two souls searching, pining heart
Only to be just a moment apart
Look to the moon high in the sky
I know you see it, the same as I
By its light I send you my love
As you gaze on it, shining above
Stay on your path, as I will mine
Believe in hope outside of time 
Though I am here and you there
The same lonely path we share
 A long road beneath our feet
Somewhere upon it we meet
Some things we cannot know
Some things we cannot see
In time, together we will be


Phatpuppy Art Studios | Source


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