The Clouded Veil

There are times in our lives we begin to question everything, all that we see, hear, feel, and touch. All experiences in this physical existence become questionable.  We fight for sanity, reason and the ability to keep our world from turning upside down, struggling to make sense of it all. We walk into the moment of between.  Between all things.  That area of clarity where the existence we think we know becomes blurry and we begin to see what exists in the background.  We begin to have Matrix moments.

Just like in the movie the Matrix we, like Neo, have an awakening.  Circumstances which surround us 'glitch' and make our view (perception) change.  These moments become our normal instead of being abnormal.  We begin to question our truth and realize we filter this life experience through our own unique perception. What may be real and truth to us will not always be the same for others.  Because of this, we may feel insecure.  Everyone's experiences regarding Matrix moments are their own, and their responses are unique to them.  We can respond with insecurity or affirmation.  The more we know ourselves the less we respond with insecurity.  Positive or negative, we choose.

In making either choice, we must accept the responsibility which comes with either.  No longer can we complain or bemoan the injustice of our life if we choose to stay where we currently are.  If it is not what we want it to be, if the things, people or circumstances which surround us make us unhappy, miserable and ineffective in our lives, we can blame no one but ourselves.  We made the choice to stay.  However, if we choose to embrace the possibilities of an existence outside our box, we must also embrace all that comes with being outside the box.  We cannot exist in both states.  Being outside the box entails letting go of preconceived notions of our existence.  Looking beyond what we previously believed and adhered to in our daily life.  We must embrace the expansion of logic, emotion, belief, understanding, the physical and everything the human existence brings, and even all those things which it does not.

Looking beyond what we 'think' we experience places us in a position of questioning the internal self. We are pushed to rake away the scales, muck, and mire which covers our 'God' consciousness, the Divine.  The spiritual DNA placed within us to live this existence to our fullest potential.  Our own personal walk and intimacy with the Divine are exactly that, our own.  It applies to no one else.  If in the process of our walk we have revelation and enlightenment, we can share with others of course, but we must do this without expectation.  What we have experienced is ours, to apply to our life, for our own expansion of consciousness.  To expect anyone else to have the same experience is questionable. This is because they will perceive vastly different the knowledge which we have received, filtering it through their own experiences in life.

In stating all of this, we must understand seeing past the 'veil' is different for everyone.  It can be compared to having several people stand inside a mirrored room with a stained glass ceiling.  As the light shines through the ceiling, the colors will be a kaleidoscope within the room. They will begin to process what they see, and each will relay something different.  Each perception will be individual and unique to them.  So too are the experiences we go through in life.  No two people in this physical existence will have an identical experience.  We may be able to relate to another's life, but they will always differ somehow.

If we push past the veil and see what lies beyond we begin to see that this life is not only about the physical experience.  It is about our experiences with each other and how we grow past that which we see. The building of relationships, and the empowering of one soul to another.  Living life authentically, in every moment we have. The physical world is an avenue for the Divine to push us to another level, and it is also a place of expression for our souls.  A place for us to bring the vastness of eternity into the present.

It is when we begin to look past the exterior in our experiences with each other, we begin to embrace our truest nature, love.  Yes, there is darkness and those who are incapable of love, however, this should not stop us from loving.  It is their loss and place of emptiness, not ours.  If they choose to stay as they are, leave them and move on.  Divine love releases us from all tethers and chains.  Fight past the veil.  Fight to embrace more than what we see and 'think' we know. The Matrix may have us physically, but it cannot have our minds and our spirit.  We are more than what we see, know or feel. We are more than the physical experience.  We are more than the clouded veil allows us to see.

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