Removing the Dark

In dealing with the negative of life, we can sometimes find ourselves surrounded with it, by no fault of our own. It seems no matter what is done, or changes made, the negative never seems to abate.  I call this state of existence, collecting the darkness.  Believe it or not, there are some who are actually meant to walk in the dark places on purpose.  Learning is a part of it, but this is not the main reason for the temporary state.  We are actually meant to be lights in the darkness, to be hope to those who are seeking a way out.

To fully understand what it means to collect the darkness , we must first be centered and affirmed within, loving ourselves and valuing who we are upon this Earth.  We must know, that we know, that we know - we are a child of light and one who seeks the truth.  We must know in our inner self, we are worthy of all things, and we are the most powerful force on the Earth, we are love.  Once we have this written upon our souls, and it becomes a 'living thing' within us, we can then move into the understanding of why we are here, and how we might find ourselves in negative situations when it contradicts what is within.

It is when we put our focus too much on trying to figure out what it is we have done wrong to have put ourselves in such a state, we begin to falter and doubt our very truth.  We walk around blaming ourselves for all the negative people around us, believing that in some way we have 'attracted' them to us. Well, we did, but not in the way we believe we did. In the act of internalizing the negative around us, blaming ourselves and focusing on the wrong state of our existence, we wear ourselves into a form of madness.  We walk a maze of contradictions, searching relentlessly for the elusive answer we seek, which we believe would tell us why we are the way we are.  We see ourselves as the 'bad' person, the one who never seems to get anything right.

At times such as this, surrounded by the negative, whether people or circumstance, the most important step is to stop and take an internal spiritual inventory.  Have we affirmed ourselves within? If not, this must be done until we are reconnected to the light within us. Have we spoken any complaints, curses, negative words or committed any negative action against anyone else which we have not taken rightful responsibility for?  This includes doing these things to our own selves as well.  If we have, we must hold ourselves accountable, make restitution where necessary, forgive ourselves and most importantly, let it go.  On this note, the next question applies. Are we bringing our past into our present?  If we are, let it go, and put it back where it belongs, in the past.  If we can answer all of these questions, finding we are balanced, affirmed and connected, then we now can truly look at the negative for what it really is, an assignment.

We, as beings of love, grace, and mercy, have an assignment upon this Earth to share our light with others. Sometimes this means we are sent into a dark place where the light has been absent.  We are the light of truth exposing the darkness.  The light shines and exposes the lies, deceit, manipulation, hate, anger, strife, contention, pride of life and even death. When we are on these assignments it is critical not to internalize what we are exposed to because it is not ours. We are not the darkness, and we are not meant to be part of it, although we are in it.  When we realize we are a light, we can then operate in our full capacity of love and compassion with others. We are a beacon of hope to those in the darkness who are trying to find the light.

There will be those who rage against the light because it exposes their negativity, making them see the truth about themselves.  They then become responsible because truth has been revealed to them, and they must make a conscious choice to stay negative or seek the positive.  The bottom line is, they are responsible for the condition of their life.  To those who are seeking the light we become a life raft.  We can share our love, showing the mercy and grace extended to us, with them.  We can help guide the way out by networking them with others who can help, giving them access to knowledge they may need at that particular moment in their life.  We cannot help everyone, and we are not meant to.  There will be those who are drawn to our voice and then there will be those who are drawn to another's voice.  It doesn't matter, we are all working towards the same goal, which is to bring people into the light within themselves, to reconnect them to their divine nature.

In the time spent in this place of darkness, we basically collect the trash - negative thoughts, deeds, energy or words. Then we in essence 'take out the trash' by balling it up and putting it in a bag of light and releasing it. This action is different for everyone according to their own, personal beliefs.  We must realize the assignment is not about us, but more about being the positive force which brings about change, whether it be on a grand scale or small. It is not a glamorous assignment, but we all must do our part.  At one point in time or another, we have all been in a negative place, and love found us, did it not? We must learn to give back that which has been so lovingly given to us.

In conclusion, did we 'attract' the negative?  Yes, we were meant to, it is part of the assignment.  Did we learn anything new while there?  Maybe, maybe not, either way, it is alright.  Will there be an end? Yes, the beginning is when we realize we are not a part of the negative, but the force against it. Will we ever get any down time, a vacation away?  Yes, but don't be surprised if it takes a while. Sometimes, those who have deep inner strength are the only ones who can handle the weight of going into a place most could not handle.  Count it an honor to be assigned to such a place for it is a task given those of who have battle scars deep in the soul, yet have been able to retain the ability to love regardless.  Love is the key to all things and the answer for our hurting world.  Let us be light, living and giving love always.

Becoming | Steven DaLuz | Source


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