Ending Question

After all my musings on the topics of finding the stillness and silence within, addressing the darkness within self and others, how we perceive ourselves and others, stepping outside the boundaries of the internal self and entering the nothingness, and then existing in the between of experiences as the observer and seeing the bigger picture of how we co-create our own lives eventually touching the lives of others, I come face to face with a burning question of the 'why'.  Why do we want to go into the deeper realms of revelation into who we are and why we are here?

What is the 'one thing' which pushes us to move into this deeper and higher understanding of our existence?  The catalyst which throws us into the burning tempest of questioning everything and forcing our minute physical brains to connect to our spirit eventually expanding outside of our limited, finite vision of life itself.

What creates the burning hunger within to push the boundaries?  To break past the veil of what we think we know, and opening us up to the vast expansiveness of the eternal creation.  Where does this passion have its start?  As Curly in the movie, City Slickers told Mitch, "Do you know what the secret of life is? (Holding up one finger) This. Just one thing. You stick to that, and the rest don't mean shit." Mitch stares at Curly's finger and asked, "But, what is the one thing?" Curly smiles and says, "That's what you have to figure out."

Throughout our existence, we spirits have within us this 'one thing'.  Some of us find it right away and others walk around in the dark for a while until something happens revealing it to us.  But just as Mitch asked what this 'one thing' is, so we must too ask the same.  What is this catalyst which breaks us free from the prison of a delusional, veiled sleep?  That place of numbness where life is dull, colorless and seemingly without meaning. What ignites the fire within?

This catalyst is individual to each unique soul.  No one answer is the same for all.  There is not a blanket kick starter or a one size fits all if you will.  If there were, our world would be so much better off because we would all run to the same pool and dive in.  This is where it is critical for us to understand because there is not a 'one size fits' all, we cannot become discouraged from seeking over and over.  It is in the seeking where we will finally find the revelation of what 'that one thing' is.  Not all avenues will lead us where we need to go, and this is ok!  Take what was found on that particular avenue and add it to the library.  There is always something to learn no matter where we find ourselves.

The awakening is the moment where this catalyst ignites the fires within the soul, pushing us spirits to pierce the clouded veil which surrounds us finally revealing to us our 'one thing'.  It is that little, sometimes irritating, nudging within us to keep looking, to keep climbing the mountain, searching endlessly in life for something more. But, again, what becomes the fuel for the fire? What is the spark to set the fuel raging and burning within?  Even though it is individual to each of us, there are similarities we all have with each other. Sometimes there is an umbrella of understanding we can stand under together.  Helping each other guides us closer to our own because all are connected.

When we are ignited within, bursting with revelation and freedom, we move into a place of deep peace.  In this place of peace, a knowing is created. This knowing reveals the 'one thing' for our life, and this 'thing' becomes the passion surging through the veins of our existence giving us renewed vision and understanding.  It takes us off the life support system we were attached to. A system of dullness, sameness, and complacency where we just accept life as it is. There are those who wish to remain where they are, and this is fine too. Right and wrong is not part of this equation, it does not exist here.

So, again, we must answer the ending question of why.  Why do we want to seek out this 'one thing', and why do we want to walk the sometimes tortuous corridors of the universal spirit to find it?  Is it because some of us cannot accept what 'appears' to be life, and we cannot accept that this is all there is or ever will be?  Are only certain people driven with this need while others remain blissfully in sleep?  Or, at some point in every spirit's journey, the soul is quickened to question life. Is the 'why' simply part of our spiritual DNA, and the 'awakening' moment happens according to our own life clock?  Could the answer simply be the 'why' does not matter, only that it occurs because it is the ignition necessary for the fire to start within us to begin our journey into deep waters?

Allowing the ignition to happen, to manifest, we can begin peeling back the veil one layer at a time.  Our 'one thing' is within us, waiting.  All we need to do is keep seeking and believing we are more than what we see.

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