It is necessary to go through seasons of being separated and set apart from others.  This time alone can allow us to find a deeper place within ourselves to address lessons learned and to step back from wearing our 'everyday' masks for the world.  It is an important season of the deepest reflection.

This season can sometimes feel like the desert, dry and torturous; other times it can be like the refreshing rain which brings forth new life.  Either way, it is a time of pruning the soul, taking stock of that which needs to be cut away to allow for new growth to spring forth.  During this time of separation we must show ourselves grace and compassion.  We are walking through this life the best we know how, and in the seasons of learning it is not meant for us to know in advance all things.  If this was indeed the case there would be no need for lessons or forward growth for our souls would already be in a state of perfection. When we are in separation the key is to realize it, embrace it, allow it and move with the flow around us.  This could mean deactivating social media accounts for a time and clearing our social calendars of distracting activities.  

This alone state is one of the hardest places for most of us to embrace.  We find ourselves constantly connected to everyone and everything.  Long gone are the days where the outside world was truly outside our sphere of existence.  No more waiting for the monthly mail to arrive, news from other cities via the newspapers, or reports from friends returning from abroad.  Sometimes news would be months old before reaching the furthermost parts of our world.  Not so today.  Everything is in real time and at our very fingertips.

If the fear and ego driven need for constant physical connection could be overcome, we would find ourselves literally finding ourselves.  Being alone allows us to step outside of ego and be the observer of our life.  Most fear going inside because of old wounds, lies, self-hatred or because we do not know how to affirm.  As I said in a previous post, Nothingness, we can step into a place of needed detachment and view everything from a higher perspective.

We all go through seasons of feeling like we are invisible to the world.  Instead of viewing this as a death sentence, we need to try to see it as the divine telling us we must look within. We are never truly invisible, we tend to feel this way when we allow our physical existence to dictate our spiritual existence.  Everything and everyone is connected, even when we are physically separated, via energy we stay connected to the whole. Being alone can actually help us realize this universal connection.

The ego can work for or against us depending upon whether we can shut down the emotional roller coaster long enough to get a clear view.  The emotions we experience are important, but they cannot rule the revelation of Spirit.  Meaning, if we are in a depressed or negative state, the emotions associated with it will drown out the positive trying to be imparted.  However, even positive emotions can cause us to be cloudy in our understanding. We must remember not all is as it seems, the good or the bad.  By temporarily shutting down the emotional river, we step outside, become the observer and have the ability to gain clarity.  Once we have the real picture we can then apply the ego effectively. By being alone, separated from the external vices of daily life, there can be found a freedom which is only revealed by meeting our true self.

The seasons of being alone are crucial to our growth, to our deepening understanding of self and our connection to the divine.  We need not worry about the external world for we will not find our value there, nor will we meet ourselves there.  Being alone allows us to become better individuals and enriches our relationships with friends, family and humanity as a whole.  There are times when hanging  a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on life's doorknob, going into alone time and embracing the beauty of discovery is the most compassionate act we can perform for ourselves.

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