You and Me

I lay beneath the sun, gazing at a cobalt blue sky

Watching the white clouds leisurely trickle by

Closing my eyes, the sounds of nature surround me 

The song of the birds and the buzzing of the bees

I hear the leaves softly whispering for the wind

Nowhere to be or to rush, keeping the day from its end

Lost in bliss I can only remember your kiss

Not enough time it seemed, our date ended too soon

You walked me home, kissed me in the light of the moon

Smiling to myself, I catch my lip between my teeth

Tomorrow is today now, the promise of you to see

I remember when my skies were gray and dark

You came along and turned a light on in my heart

I finally found someone who looks beyond what they see

If feels good to open the doors, share secrets, be me

Our skeletons fell out of the closet, nothing to hide

So much the same, we laughed till we cried

Heaving a joy filled sigh, I feel so beautifully free

I can't wait to begin this thing called you and me


exador23 | Source


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