The phone rings, heart jumps
Lost words on my lips
Whispers in my mind
Long lost, days passed
Memories hang like smoke

Without you is my normal
Does the sun shine
Or the moon light the night
These things I no longer see
Just enough to get through my day

Muffled voices ask if I am ok
Time moves without me in it
Gray shades in everything
Color left my life cold
The day you walked away

I will survive, I always do
Once I find the long way 
The road you burned over time
Following the ashes back to me

Every day I move closer to her 
 Wiping tears, holding me tight
Loving me for not giving in
Helping find the reason to it all

One day I will be myself again
You being the dark memory
Lesson learned, the test I passed
And strength will hold my heart

The light will shine inside
My heart will be healed
Holding more than dreams
Love will replace the pain 

Life is beautiful because I dream
The ashes you left are fertile ground
Tears I cried nourished the seeds
Love is the harvest of my future

No longer gray or in pain
I see the sun and the moon
Days filled with light and hope
Nights to dream of what will be

Brutally recreating myself
Rising out of the flames
Stronger than I was before
A knowing of my soul

Clarity comes with the fire
A destiny of love and passion
Creating the truth and a treasure
My heart becomes the diamond


Ashes DA2 | sbalac | Source 


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