Cadence, the pace and beat
Path solid beneath my feet
Listening to its sound
Rhythm against the ground
Steady focus, breathing in
All around begins to blend
Mind over body, breathing slow
Heartbeat steady, energy flows
Setting the goal, pushing through
Pain, won't give in, I refuse
Putting mind into another space
Releasing myself from this place
Pent up stress, frustration of life
Breaking away from the strife
Cadence sings and takes me away
Brings me peace for another day
No matter how far, or how long
With each step, I am strong
Body craves, muscles need
Positive action I must feed
Life happens, interrupts, its ok
Pick up, back on point another day
Embracing me, learning to love
Healthy, solid, endorphin floods
Another corner, street and mile
Slowly, my heart begins to smile
Leaving the darkness far behind
 Depths of mind, peace I find
Cadence, the sound and beat
Path solid beneath my feet
Back at the start, slow the pace
Look to the sky, reality to face
Another run comes to an end
When the day turns I'll do it again




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