I can hear it, can you
The between holding truth
It is not silence nor sound
The place that is unbound

Multiple planes and alternate spaces
All the same but different places
Each holding its own destiny and end
One soul, many versions to begin

Learning of the whole, spaces undone
The culmination of all back into one
Teaching what is needed to expand the soul
The opposite of absence, the filling of holes

Conscious of one space, present in the now
Finding the way back to the whole somehow
The path in each pattern, space and plane
Hope sometimes withers in vain

Understanding this is not the total of all
Connecting each plane, hearing the soul's call
Valuable learning, accepting each their own
Understanding and knowledge to sharpen and hone

Embracing the possibilities and adventures unseen
What we see is not all there is, this one plane we cling
Seeking our freedom of soul, heart and mind
The between, it is there what we have lost we will find


 Enlightenment | Psychedelic Maniac | Source


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