Nameless Soul

Forged in hell a soul am I
Come, sit with me awhile
To tell my story of shame
A soul which bears no name
Monster created with one touch
This of me, hated so much
Innocence taken at the toll of the bell
Told not to cry and never to tell
Once trusting and loving with all
Now in prison with bars of pain
Bearing scars never to tame
Only the darkness can be my friend
Hiding away my suffering, the sin
Bearing the mark of the one who kills
Innocence known now sealed away
Try to hide, get through the day
Praying for release from the pain
Asking the healer to give me my name
Behind these walls I waste away
Daily living is the price I pay
Knowing inside no fault I bear
No one believes, no one cares
Young, innocent, trusting and pure
Stained and ugly of this I am sure
Look not upon me too closely I pray
Crouched in the darkness, hiding away
Hideous, wretched, a monster you find
A fearful child, broken, frozen in time
With each breath I wonder why
My soul was touched if only to die
Forged in hell a soul am I


Imprint | DestinyBlue | Source


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