Silence In the Rain

Misty dreams, drops of rain
Slowly slide down a window pane
Wistful visions through the glass
Blurred and colored moving fast
The tracks beneath break the sound
Thunder and lightning all around
Watching the trails, tears from a cloud
Mental pictures, not speaking out loud
Rhythm, beat, sound beneath my feet
The heart understands, secrets to keep
Solace in the rain and the vision it makes
Peace in the sound and hope it wakes
Watching the trails slide through the light
Relaxing, if just for a short respite
Matching the lines with a fingertip
Whispered words of love cross the lips
Washing away the doubt of the day
Beginning again with a fresh start
Hope blooms in a rain washed heart
Breaking through the heavy clouds
Words to say boldly, finally out loud
The tracks end, a destination reached
Releasing breath no more secrets to keep
Stepping out into the rain, face to the sky
Muffled conversations of passers by
Misty dreams, drops of rain in space
Kissing skin, sliding down a face
Step by step, strong, moving through
Light and rain, drawing closer to you
Reaching your door, ringing the bell
You are home, light in the window tells
 Opening the door, seeing your eyes
Into the ether the heart begins to fly
 With bated breath pausing one last time
 Finally speaking words to make you mine


This long silence | BetaAquilae | Source


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