Twin Flame

Sailing upon the vast and open seas
You cast your sails to western winds
Upon the majestic waves you rest
Into the depths life unseen spins

Each morning you see the sun rise
The night moon shines in your eyes
Peace you find upon the waters
Freedom of soul, rest for your mind

You are forever in my dreams
The words of love in my prayers
Each night I lay and tears fall
If only you could hear my heart's call

As your vessel moves upon the waters
Gliding with purpose and passion of soul
In my dreams we two meet the same
Falling together, whispering each other's name

My love pierces the darkness
It is the light you see in the moon
And the warmth you feel in the sun
It is the caress of the wind upon your face

Look to the shores and see my light
Let your soul remember me once more
The aching of my soul I can no longer bare
Separation of lifetimes, wanting this one to share

Are you there or only in my dreams
Have I misunderstood, destined to be alone
My arms forever to be empty of your form
My heart to wither, dry and die within

I choose to stay in my dreams, blissfully unaware
If in this lifetime we two will never share
I know you, my soul is yours, and you are mine
Twin flames, two as one, the light of our love shines

If you are here, look for mine as I do yours
No matter where you land on distant shores
Steadfast, I am here, I will not move
Find me, waiting always patiently for you

I my dreams I will remain with you
Until the day you find me, kiss me awake
Our souls, hearts merging finally into one
Sealed together never to be again undone


Frozen Diamonds | Elena Dudina | Source


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