Friend of the Soul

In the innocence of time we found the link
Hand in hand we ran, played and sang
Within our freedom we saw life glow
The rainbows, snowflakes, trails of dust
In all of the adventures we bound our trust

Days passed, life flew and we let it flow
Hand in hand we never let each other go
Always laughing past pain filled tears
In the darkness we found our salvation
In each other we conquered our fears 

The days we skipped, got lost in the city
We ran, racing the sun for the horizon
The twist, turns, lost our way home
Writing our story, not caring who knew
There was only me, there was only you

To this day we have never looked back
Two souls intertwined, reaching for stars
So much more to know, trust filled hearts
Purest of friendship no other can break
Together we two bound willingly by fate


Couple | Ni-nig | Source


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