She Never Knew

Gently her footsteps cross the ground
No trace of her there could be found
Finally home where she is needed most
Quickly inside she casts off her coat
Into the moonlit room where he sleeps
Slipping her work shoes off from her feet
Slowly stepping across a creaky wood floor
Silent moves like the mist across the moors
The moon wanes heavy in the cloudless sky
She so very tired, rubbing eyes, yawning sigh
Stopping and listening, making not a sound
In the peaceful room her nerves settle down
This deep love in her heart for him so pure
Her eyes must see him just to make sure
The day last too long away from his side
Each day she leaves the tears fill her eyes
From fear and pain, then true love's first kiss
She never knew it would be such as this
Gliding closer within the silvery moonlight
The breath in her chest catching at the sight
She would never tire for her eyes to see
How precious and beautiful his face to be
Her heart takes many pictures to store away
Memories, treasures to remember one day
As he grows, no matter how old or grand
If his life path takes him from her hand
She would fight for him and always pray
Her heart would hold him till her dying day
Holding his face and gently touching his hair
A soft kiss goodnight and a whispered prayer
There is nothing on Earth or in heaven above
Nothing so strong, so fierce as a mother's love


Three Ages of a Woman | Gustav Klimt 1905 | Source  


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