The Pits

One of the many traps of the mind is to make one feel, well, trapped.  As a free spirit, I find it very difficult to be put into a box.  To be made to feel as though I cannot, or am not allowed to, spread my wings and soar above that which is around me.  That which I feel binds me.

I speak not of things only on the physical plane, but those things outside of the humanness.  Those things we are within. We all are placed in difficult circumstances on our life's path.  Some more than others.  We all have lessons to learn and growing pains we must experience to expand our spiritual understanding while we are here. It is only here in this physical existence we can experience the absolute essence of emotion.  It is only here we are placed in front of a mirror, stripped of all things before and shown where we need to progress as spiritual beings.

The question is when we find ourselves in a mind trap can we find our way out?  Maybe the lesson to be learned is not to accept the trap as permanent and a concrete part of our reality so that we can see the door where before there was not a door.  Expanding outside of one's self, looking in, seeing the trap for what it is ascertaining the parameters and finding the weakness of its illusionary logic? For really, it is all an illusion.

Ultimately there is not a trap unless we allow a trap to exist.  If we refuse to expand, to grow, to fight against the tide and the conformity, we settle into an area of colorlessness.  The gray area of life where the purpose of one's existence becomes moot.  We no longer care and apathy becomes our constant companion.  We ultimately lose our individuality and personality, which is what gives our life color.  The color which paints the days we breathe and the nights we dream.

We all know the mind is the battlefield between light and dark. The place where we hold the most power and also the place we can condemn ourselves to utter hopelessness.  To see the battlefield for what it is is so very important to the path of life.  Understanding everything which happens there is important to our progress as spirit.  All the good and all the bad teaches us something about ourselves.  Especially when we fall into a pit, believing we are trapped with no way out.

There is always a way out.  It comes down to a matter of perception and choice.  Both intertwined within each other.  What is within the circumstances?   Perceive things outside of what they appear to be and make the choice to move forward.  Yes, we will experience pain, there are those things which we cannot control, even hopelessness.  But, we hold the power over our minds and the condition of our soul.  No other mere mortal being can take that away from us unless we choose to give them the power to.

When the day comes and death knocks upon our door, will we leave this plane in the condition we wish to be in? We all are in the process of dying.  It is a part of the mortal process.  However, to know that as a spiritual energy we are eternal, allows us to embrace this mortal process and use it to catapult us into the next arena of existence further advanced.  It also pushes us to find a way out of the trap of complacency, the trap of apathy. The trap ultimately taking away our love for one another and condemning us to lose our compassion for humanity as a whole while we are here.

When we find ourselves in a pit the key is to stop, be still and not allow the external to affect the internal. Use the spiritual to influence the physical.  To bring peace to the storm, a window to a closed room, hope within the fear or timeout to the ego.  Somewhere there is the way out, we just have to be willing to look for it.

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