Sacred Center

Sliding doors, separate spaces
Too much noise, too many faces
Need to find a place of peace
Find my center balanced on my feet
Connect once again with the divine
Find the path, a way that is mine
Too far gone to make it right
Keeping the future within sight
Trying not to look behind
Nothing there for a soul to find
Once before now long forgotten
Just as the leaves fall in the autumn
Memories fall against the cold ground
Broken tendrils of life to be found
Whisked away with winds of change
Simple moments, nothing stays the same
Willingness to learn and to grow
Embracing everything there is to know
Surrendering to the beautiful possibilities
Bare and open, total vulnerability
A place of peace will always be found
Within the rain, wind or breath is the sound
Tone of acceptance and unconditional love
Filled, whole with all things above
Sliding doors, separate spaces
Too much noise, too many faces
I found a place of peace
Found my center, balanced on my feet
Connected once again to the divine
Found my path, the way that is mine
All things covered, blessed and forgiven
Standing in grace's light, nothing hidden
Life fills me and makes me whole
Flooded with love I am no longer cold
With a smile on my face I begin again
The place I found was always within


A. Andrew Gonzales, artist | The Sacred Marriage | Source


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