Secret Places

In the secret places of the heart
Those guarded and closed rooms
Places holding love's lost dreams 
Visited often, never opened or seen
One day suddenly out of the blue
No warning, turning there was you
Breathing life into empty, lonely days
Thoughts of hope and forever made 
Light driving out the heavy shadows
Memory filled hallways, heart of me
Promises made laying bare the pain
Healing balm gently over the scars
Beautiful eyes, love sparked like stars
Holding, merging all things together
Knitted hearts, friends seeking forever
First touch confirmed all we had known
Time is still, waiting with baited breath
Hearts flutter, singing within our chests
Slow dance of souls, beginning a lifetime
No longer searching down empty paths
No more lonely nights with emptiness
Filling all the dark corners, empty spaces
Long tortured waiting forever in the past
Hearts where love's light is finally cast

Charlie-Bowater | Source


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