Winter Night

In the chilly mist
I see the hearth fire
A place of bliss
Sparkle and flame
In the frosty night
Winter unchained
Dense air it holds
Frozen and cold
Stark moonlit sky
Destiny or fate
To love or hate
The firelight knows
A shadow it holds
I choose to hope
Believe it is real
A soul must feel
Hope, love, joy
Apathy, hate, pain
All on a soul stain
My breath catches
Cold within my lungs
Warmed by love unsung
Watching the light
Flicker in the night
Slowly to me it brings
Love or hate not known
The face I know shows
Ice trickles along my spine
Whispering a prayer
If apathy, please be kind
If hate, quickly walk by
I will not ask the why
Again I will know pain 
But if joy, embrace my body
If hope, say my name
 And if love, kiss my lips
Take my breath into you
All three merge into one
Two souls become the same
Together to be love's flame




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