Blended Soul

I am with you in the darkness, that place kept from the light
A place we all have to go to learn, to gain deep inner sight
I will hold you fast while you are here until the pain ends
Until the shadows cease their torment and the sun shines again
My arms will hold you gently, affirming you are not alone
I will whisper words of love, memories of how much you have grown
In this place of dark, murky waters and storms and cold, hard rain
I will help you remember there is a reason for your time here, a reason for the pain
My presence will ground you, help keep you from falling apart
Though the shadows circle, tearing at the precious love in your heart
My words will tell you of your beautiful soul, whispering things of peace
Whatever it takes while you are in the dark, you have my love to keep
A madness rages against your tender soul, a lie that nothing matters in the end
Feel my love, heart, soul and body, my dreams of a lifetime to spend
I will be your anchor, keeping you from wandering or drifting too far
My love will cover you, keep you warm while you learn the lessons in the dark
Let your tears fall, let them trace heartbroken paths down your face
Purge yourself here, revealing your beautiful soul in that deep inner place
I will be here when they cease and you open your eyes to finally see
You were never really alone here for I am you and you are me


Dangerous Memories| angria | Source


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