Puzzle Pieces

Sometimes the randomness of life turns out to teach us the greatest lessons.  Without rhyme or reason, we find ourselves in deep waters treading to stay afloat.  In those moments we can both embrace the depths and learn, or we can allow them to swallow us whole leaving nothing in their wake but chaos. However, even the chaos teaches us something, does it not?  So if all have the potential for showing us deeper things the choice is simply ours to decide what we wish to learn, and more importantly how the lesson may manifest itself.

I have learned to love all the states of being even the most painful. Once I tore away the baseless need to protect myself from such lessons I came to realize it is all a beautiful place of purpose connected to the whole. I desire to know the deeper things and have a craving for it.  I was fortunate to be placed in such a situation this past week.  Seeming to have manifested out of nowhere, it placed me in front of a mirror asking me, "Are you ready to follow the white rabbit?"  Me being the person that I am simply smiled and said, "But of course." Then I laid myself out upon the waves and allowed them to carry me across deep waters.  Do I fear what will come from the depths?  A little, but I crave to understand and to gain wisdom more than I fear the unknown. Because I know in all things I learn and expand as a soul.  I want to be pushed into knowing more of the 'I AM'. This place of utter abandonment is poignant for in it I, the soul, am moved.

When we come into this physical form we take it on like a diver does a wetsuit.  We are diving into an existential state where there are constrictions on our existence.  We live in the physical, which is a place of being having many opposites.  In these opposites, the soul learns of itself because as I have said before, only here do we have the depth of antagonistic states of being.  There is no such thing as perfection here.  It can be said it is the struggle to a soul because it once was boundless. This brings the question to my mind if the physical body is the vehicle to the spirit energy, is the spirit energy the vehicle to the soul?  If this is the case does this mean the soul is the core of us?  Or is it the opposite, the soul is like the brain of the spirit just as the physical form has a brain (computer)?  So many trails to follow and so much to discover!

Forgive me, I digress.  In the learning process, we are both the teacher and the student.  I envision it like this before someone is a table covered with the puzzle pieces of life.  It is their task to put those pieces together eventually creating the picture of their current existence.  In the process of this task, they learn of themselves and others, constantly expanding awareness.  Let's put aside for the moment there is a choice to even put the puzzle together, to begin with.  Over time the puzzle is completed and the person stands back in wonderment at the revelation.  Then out of nowhere a new piece falls before them and lands on the completed picture.  Where did this piece come from?  What does it mean?  Why is it here?  They pick it up, pondering all of these questions, turning it within their hands.  It is then the realization hits.  This piece must go into the completed puzzle. What?  How? Why?  The puzzle is complete!  There is no room for more pieces!  How can this be?  In the moment of clarity, they have the opportunity to accept what is completed before them or accept a new challenge of embracing the new piece.  Accepting the understanding that although it 'appears' not to fit, it actually does. And, even though the puzzle before them 'appears' completed, it actually isn't. This, my dear readers, is called the moments of opportunity for the expansion of the conscious awareness and the pushing of the soul into deeper waters.

Accepting the piece is a choice.  There are those who are quite content with the picture of life before them. They choose to simply brush away the new pieces as they fall to the table.  Some are so emphatic about staying in their current state they create belief systems to keep out anything new. Then there are those such as myself who have been in such a place but through much self-reflection realized there was so much more to be known.  In the moments that I stand before the puzzle of my life, I am the student.  We become the teacher when we come into contact with other souls dropping pieces onto their puzzle of life, whether it be to teach positive or negative lessons. In both positions we must learn compassion and patience for each other, understanding we are both the teacher and the student all in the same moment. This creates an opportunity for the perpetual expansion of the soul. Does everyone embrace this process?  Sadly no, remember there are those who choose to brush away the new pieces which fall into their life.  It is as they wish it to be and others must step back and let them be.  This is love.  Choosing to let someone just 'be' in whatever state they wish but always being willing to step forward if ever they choose to embrace the expansion.

I was once the type of person who shopped for my beliefs.  In other words, I milled about and took on beliefs which served my purpose at the time.  Sort of like shopping for clothes.  Does this look good on me?  Ok, I'll take it.  Does this make me look better to others?  Ok, I'll take it.  Does this make the voices inside my head go silent?  Ok, I'll take it. (As a writer this was creatively suicidal. So many characters in my head with stories to tell.  Oh, the tragedy!)  Does this make me feel safe from rejection? Ok, I'll take it.  I also had all the strict and structured beliefs of others from my childhood. I never questioned them because within them I felt secure and safe.  I didn't have to face the unknown within myself.  I filled up on other people's stuff to hide the fact I didn't know myself.  I was at my core undefined in knowing who I was.  However, after many years of following the yellow brick road, I became tired, which normally happens to all of us.  It is in these moments we get tired of brushing away all the pieces falling on our table.  At some point, I picked one up and began to ponder. The rest is history.

Are you tired of wondering why your life remains the same when you desire to traverse the depths of understanding?  Stop brushing away the pieces and allow your soul to expand that which you think you know. There are many views, ideas, theories and philosophies.  Stop worrying about whether it is right or wrong.  It is all about the expansion of being.  We must stop being so easily defined and be free. Where will it end and where is it all going? Who knows!  For now, we are stuck here in our mud suits doing the best we can with what we have which is limited for a purpose.  Had we the total expansiveness outside of the physical form what purpose would it hold for us to be in it?  We are confined for a reason, each to our own.  We just have to be willing to embrace the totality of it all and ride the deep waters trusting the 'I AM' within regardless of the outcome.  Because in the end, it all matters.  In the last breath of physical life, we whisper, "Oh, so that's what it was for."  Stop the struggle and just learn to 'be' in each moment.  No one is truly alone because we are all on the same journey to learn this.  So if you happen upon another soul who invites you in for a respite, embrace the opportunity.  Like Forrest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."  Enjoy the moments because the last breath comes quickly for us all.

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