Between, I exist in ether
I float and bend with the wind
I breathe and expand like the stormy sea
Carried away, lost and free
Within the sphere of only me

No one touches and no one sees
I hold within because I cannot trust
My heart, in pain the knife of life is thrust
I acknowledge existence, if I must

The sun, it rises again and again
The moon, I dance, I spin and spin
Delivering the sultry witch within
Unashamed and unabashed
Upon the sea of hope a life dashed

Broken with knowledge, I now understand
A soul of love struggles to be heard
Within these walls breaking free
A bird, fluttering, finally upon the wind
Letting go of all that is lost within

Expansion, eternal, a lasting call
Alone, I am, within a shell no one can see
That which I truly know, what is truly me
I tried and failed, the sea of pain I am left to sail

Lessons learned, too many to name
Most of which I call my shame
My only sin is to love without walls
My name in this life will never be called

In the unknown I expand
Into the devine I run, understand
In this life I am  only to be
Alone, separated but free

Cast upon the waves of breath
Life to life I become and rest
Fluid, I flow to wither unknown I must go
The end of me I do not know

The longing within, the pain to be loved
Accepted, the faults, the scars I cannot remove
Beautiful, breathless under the moon
On this plane blossoming unseen
My breath taken, never to have been


breathing | Yossi Kotler | Source


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